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Star Wars: The Old Republic / The Enemy Within - Killing Revan

The Enemy Within - Killing Revan

At the end of the Shadow of Revan storyline, you must kill Revan (again). This video shows the fight mechanics for the solo version.

The fight has five primary phases:

  1. DPS like a demon. (While I did not, it would be best to put your back against one of the pillars.)

  2. Revan whirlwinds all the companions, going into a shielded state. During this period, you cannot do any damage. You must walk through the BLUE or RED orbs, then walk over to one of your companions with the same color circle on the floor. This will free your companion. Do this for each of them. Start with the healers (Satele Shan and Lana Beniko). Keep freeing companions until Revan becomes unshielded.
  3. Put your back against one of the pillers, and DPS like a demon. Let Raven come to you. Don't leave the post.
  4. Repeat phase #2
  5. Repeat phase #3
  6. Revan dies (or does he?)

At the time of the fight, this character was level 59 Sith Marauder, wearing the gear dropped by the Rishi and Yavin 4 missions.

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