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PowerDNS to Bind Zone Generator


The PowerDNS to Bind Zone Generator is a simple PHP script to generate Bind-style zone files from a PowerDNS MySQL backend. It is intended as a utility to make migrating zones from a PowerDNS server to a Bind server, not as a straight backup script. The generated zones use configurable name servers and create new SOA and serials, etc.

Supports the following record types:

  • A
  • MX
  • TXT


  • Linux
  • PHP 5.4 +
  • PowerDNS (with MySQL backend)


  • This script is designed to run on the command line.


Download powerdns2bindzone.php and edit the configuration section at the beginning of the file. (If you are using PHP <= 5.3, download powerdns2bindzone_oldphp.php instead.)

$pdns_db = [ 'host' => 'localhost', 'user' => 'pdns_user', 'pass' => 'pdns_pass', 'name' => 'pdns_db_name' ];
$zone_ns = [ 'ns1.example.com', 'ns2.example.com' ];
$zone_adm = 'support.example.com';

You can specify as many name servers in $zone_ns as you need, as long as the first value is the primary name server.

Run the script. It will create a tmp directory in the location you run it from and save the zone files there.

Example Generated Zone

$TTL 43200

@ IN SOA ns1.example.com. support.example.com. (
43200 )

IN NS ns1.example.com.
IN NS ns2.example.com.

IN MX 10 mx1.mymailhost.tld.

example.com. IN A xx.xx.xx.xx
ns1.example.com IN A xx.xx.xx.xx
ns2.example.com IN A xx.xx.xx.xx

www IN CNAME example.com.


This project is BSD (2 clause) licensed.

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