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War: The Philosophical Approach

In response to a discussion which suggested certain political leaders should be assassinated.

For the record:

I am neither Canadian, nor American, neither Jew, nor Gentile - I am Human. I have just as much in common with Bush as I do with Hussein or Cretian or Blair, or the retired gentleman who lives down the street, or the school children who play on the same street.

I am neither anti-, nor pro- war, and I am certainly not pro-assasination. When it comes to moral lines, assasination is exactly the same as war.

Does this make me an anarchist? No, it certainly does not. I believe in law and order, and the proper implementation of force to encourage and support it.

If your anti-war stance is on a moral soapbox, you have perjured yourself in the mere suggestion of assassination.

The fact remains: the US (and allies) are going to war - it has been obvious for months. Bitching about it isn't going to do anything. One does not have to support it, but one does not have to waste other's time with such useless demonstrations of hypocrisy.

The moment one commits a crime, any crime - they become a criminal. The details of the crime matter not, a crime is a crime, whether against one, or against millions. Does this excuse the "lesser" crime, or belittle the "greater" crime? No, of course it does not, but the fact stands. Humanity is criminal in nature, and only by education and experience will we collectively rise above our own weakness. In the process, we are not absolved of our responsibility for those who may or may not be as willing or capable of following such a path. Political, religious, sexual, or moral affiliation - or lack thereof - does not matter. We are humans, and as such, we learn together, either by success or failure. Those who stand aside and scoff at others will gain nothing. Ignorance is not bliss, nor is Arrogance a savior.

If you can understand all that, you have read too much Ralph Waldo Emerson. (Like myself)

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