James Linden

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A response to the concept of Mail Intents suggested by http://mailintents.org in which James Linden proposes the use of Schema.org semantic markup in HTML email.

James Linden's opinion on how physical (printed) media should be digitized and converted to other formats.

An option editorial using a fictional situation to explain the need for better digital access to human knowledge.

Opinion editorial on the state of several book digitization projects

An opinion editorial on the need for electronic textbooks in schools.

James Linden's opinions on the eBook format wars and related topics

An opinion editorial on the need for electronic books.

A quick opinion in response to a discussion which suggested certain political leaders should be assassinated for getting into war(s) in the Middle East.

Opinion editorial piece on the often confusing organization of file systems in the context of big data sets.

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Founder / Head Geek
Digital Dock, LLC
aka kodekrash & N6NRD
Collegeville, PA USA

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Linux DevOps
Web development

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What I've Done

Drowned a motorcycle
Rescued a skunk
Built Prime GNU/Linux
Contributed to Spidering Hacks